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AFFLIP Coordinators:  Yvonne Zeegers, Jeanette Emery, Sue Walter

TWG Coordinator:  Maria H. Latiada

The aim of AFFLIP’s Schools’ Learning Network (SLN) is to promote opportunities for greater global understanding between Philippine and Australian students, teachers, and school communities.

The SLN’s key objective is to strengthen educational outcomes for students in the Philippines’ Talomo Districts A and B schools, and in South Australian schools, through a ‘pairing of schools’ arrangements that engages Filipino and South Australian teachers. Since 2015 the SLN team has twinned 15 Talomo District schools with 15 schools in South Australia.

The Schools’ Learning Network offers a strategy to address the curriculum challenges of developing students as global citizens. The SLN enhances teachers’ and students’ intercultural understandings using a networking approach wherein a school community commitment exists. That is, students and staff work collectively within and across specific school districts to share ideas, strategies, pedagogical approaches and work samples.

Schools' Learning Network Rationale and Purpose

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