AFFLIP Coordinator:  Yvonne Zeegers, Jeanette Emery

TWG Coordinator:  Maria H. Latiada

Pair 15 schools in South Australia with the 15 schools of the Talomo District, Davao City, Mindanao.

  • The Schools Learning Network aims to encourage and develop greater global understanding for the pupils of the Talomo schools and their twin schools in South Australia.

  • The success of the program is based on developing strong communication links between teachers and school heads leading to learning relationships and the sharing of jointly prepared units of work between the participating schools.

  • Three delegations of teachers and school heads from all 15 Talomo schools have visited SA, jointly prepared units of work with their paired school counterparts and then implemented and shared what they have learned with their colleagues on their return to their schools.

  • AFFLIP has contributed $50,000 to support the Schools Learning Network program.