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AFFLIP Coordinators:  Max Greenwood, Lyn Wilkinson, Jeanette Emery

TWG Coordinator:  Aida P Placencia

The Literacy program

We believe that one of the most important goals of schooling is for children to become literate, and to learn to read. When children can comprehend texts successfully, they can engage more with the curriculum, their life trajectories are enhanced, and they are better able to participate in societies as citizens. The focus of this flagship program is twofold:

  • the provision of professional development through experts on the AFFLIP Board and from local literacy specialists within the district); and secondly,

  • access to varied and interesting literacy resources in classrooms. 

AFFLIP has shipped nearly 10,000 donated books in new or as new condition to the Talomo schools worth conservatively $90,000, and along with laminators and big book stands, has contributed a further $22,000 to the Literacy program.

An exciting current initiative in the resources area is the ‘Book Box’ scheme, the aim of which is to support the implementation of a Guided Reading Strategy eventually established through Grades K to 6 which involves the provision of appropriate reading books for pupils and professional development for teachers.

In 2021, we received a $20,000 grant from the Magic Libraries Foundation based in Geneva to support this program for which we are most grateful.

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