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AFFLIP Coordinators:  Bruce White and Yvonne Zeegers

TWG Coordinator:  June Patalinghug

As indicated in the STRATEGIC DIRECTION 2023-2025 document


Since its inception the AFFLIP Board, together with the Administrators’ group in Talomo, has engaged in a constant process of reflection, review and evaluation to inform the organisation and its work. Such evaluation ensures that priorities and activities are targeted strategically, and that funding is used ethically.


AFFLIP is committed to evaluation and review of its activities.  


AFFLIP: Research, Evaluation and Strategic Innovation (RESI) offers support for the project teams undertaking the evaluations of the activities that they are responsible for under the auspices of AFFLIP. 


RESI conducts research across projects in an area that is identified by the AFFLIP board after advice from the Philippines team has identified their priorities.  

RESI’s key objective is to strengthen educational outcomes for Talomo District through continuous improvement of the activities run under the auspices informed by the evaluation results and through the outcomes of the research which can inform future innovative projects.  

RESI will support the evaluation of AFFLIP activities by providing advice at the beginning of projects in the form of success indicators and   data that can be collected throughout the activities (to reduce end of activity data collection). In addition, RESI can provide advice on data analysis and act as a consolidator of the evaluation outcomes across projects.

RESI will support the development of research projects and ensure that processes used enable the outcomes to support strategic innovations across portfolios. RESI will collate the data and analysis that can be used to support the dissemination of successful practices within and external to the project schools.  


Benefits for outputs from RESI include:

  • Continuous improvement to AFFLIP activities using evaluation data

  • Evidence to show success of activities, for AFFLIP supporters, DepEd, and external stakeholders.

  • Research based evidence to support strategic innovation

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