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We welcome a new board member and hear about Outdoor Learning and Guided Reading activities

From the Chair

Outdoor learning online

New Board Member Liz Wilson joins the board

Literacy - Guided Reading strategy

AFFLIP Ten Year Celebration will be held at National Wine Centre on February 11th 2022

Scholarships for the new school year

Book Box Scheme launched in Talomo District Schools

Scholar Clubbers Camp 03.jpeg

A focus on scholarships and partnerships

From the Chair

End of financial year activities

AFFLIP Partnerships Finstro and Haigh's Chocolates

Call for Scholarship Sponsors

Partnerships Portfolio:  building partnerships workshop

COVID 19 News from Talomo

AFFLIP turns 10 in 2022 - Save the date Friday, 11th February

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Welcome to a new AFFLIP year

From the Chair

It has been a rewarding journey since 2011

Fundraising Dinner a huge success

What a year it has been!

Continuing development in Talomo District

AFFLIP Board Changes

AFFLIP Board Portfolios 2021

A note from the Editor

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