Scholarship Programme

Coordinators: Roger Saunders and John Erskine
AFFLIP's scholarship programme benefits at-risk elementary school pupils.​


This portfolio provides scholarships to students from impoverished backgrounds, in the Talomo School District of Davao City, who are at risk of dropping out of school. The grants are designed to encourage students to stay in school and to develop their full potential.


Become a sponsor of an AFFLIP scholar.


Help by becoming a sponsor for $100 per year per student.


Each year, more than 10% of elementary school children (6-11 years) in Mindanao drop out of school. Most come from very poor backgrounds and it further reduces their life chances. The major reason for dropping out is economic. Your $100 will help to keep them in school.


Early in the school year, scholarship sponsors are provided with details about the student they are sponsoring, and receive a report on the student's progress at the end of the school year. Sponsorships are available on a year-by-year basis, or if you prefer, you can opt to confirm your commitment over a two or three year period.


Options for Payment

Please select the preferred payment method:

1. Credit Card

2. Direct Debit or Cheque

Scholarships, which are worth one hundred dollars (A$100) per school year, are handled and administered by each school under the supervision of the District Scholarships Coordinating committee. They cover basic school needs and charges such as school fees, club membership, uniforms, shoes, notebooks, pencils/ballpoint pens, bag, ruler, papers, and other important school materials.



We began in the school year 2013/14 with 30 scholarships for Grade 4 students.. Each year, as the Grade 4's continue in the program in Grade 5 and then Grade 6,  another 30 or more Grade 4 scholarships are awarded.  in the 2019-20 school year, the number of scholars rose to 134. 1200 of our scholars have graduated elementary school and we believe most are successfully undertaking studies at high school. 


Scholarship sponsors are provided with Certificates, letters from the students, progressive updates during the school year and a report on the student's achievement at the end of the school year.

Terms used in Achievement Reports

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