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AFFLIP Coordinator:  Pat Maloney

TWG Coordinator:  Hazel Linaza

The Outdoor Learning program focuses on the concept of using the outdoor environment to enhance student learning through the formal and informal curriculum.

It involves educators and students

  • working together to explore and then design outdoor spaces using natural materials to foster learning through play;

  • teaching materials and resources for mainstream subjects which use the outdoor environment as the starting point for learning in subjects such as Science, Maths, and English; and

  • approaches to enhancing the outdoor physical environment of the school and its capacity to encourage learning (e.g. quiet areas for contemplation, areas for games and social interaction).


AFFLIP has contributed $35,000 to the Outdoor Learning Program, the majority of which came from the fund established in memory of Di and John Harris.


The SMEC Australia Foundation and Finstro have been great supporters of this programme.

Report on AFFLIP’s Outdoor Learning Environment Project

Alan Reid and Pat Maloney 2017

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