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Advancing Our Philosophy

AFFLIP’s focus is on learning, and so its various programs involve fundraising to contribute physical facilities and learning resources for schools, providing scholarships for students from impoverished backgrounds, initiating activities which promote the health and nutrition of students, twinning Filipino public schools with public schools in South Australia, supporting the professional development of teachers, exploring opportunities for students’ learning through the outdoor environment and supporting children to become literate and confident in interacting with digital environments, digital learning resources and digital frameworks.

The six flagship programs are supported by our Research, Evaluation and Strategic Innovation portfolio. Since its inception the AFFLIP Board, together with the Administrators’ group in Talomo, has engaged in a constant process of reflection, review and evaluation in order to inform the organisation and its work. Such evaluation ensures that priorities and activities are targeted strategically, and that funding is used ethically. AFFLIP is committed to evaluation and review of its activities.

In order to establish and develop the flagship learning programs a great deal of work is required from our eight Administration and Finance portfolios.  Tasks such as communicating with members through newsletters and our website, managing our finances, keeping track of members, seeking sponsorships and grants, and maintaining AFFLIP records (including minutes and correspondence) all fall to Board members, who undertake this work in a completely voluntary capacity. AFFLIP can proudly boast that 100% of money raised is spent on activities and programs which support the children and staff of the schools in the Philippines.

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