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The Talomo School District, Davao City

AFFLIP is working in the Talomo District of the Department of Education of the Philippines which houses some of the most disadvantaged schools in Davao City, the largest city on the island of Mindanao in the southern Philippines.


​Talomo District Profile
Reference: District Office of Talomo 2011

“Talomo was just a school before the World War II and belonged to Daliaon District.  Later it was separated from Daliaon and joined Matina but at the end of World War II Talomo became an independent district in its own right.

When Matina District was subdivided, seven schools were assigned under Talomo:  Talomo Central Elem. School, Jose Bastida Elem. School, Catalunan Grande Elem. School, Generoso Elem. School, Bago Elem. School, Leon Garcia Elem. School and Camilo Osias Elem. School which was named Dr. Jovito Francisco Elem. School in 2009.

Due to the increase of settlers in Barangay Talomo Proper the number of school children increased and Talomo Central Elementary School was subdivided with the creation of a sister school for TCES named A. Bonifacio Elementary School.

In 1982, R.C. Quimpo Elementary School located in Barangay Bago Aplaya came into existence as the 11th school of the district. Three years later, in 1985, Catalunan Pequeño Elementary School formerly under Tugbok District was slated as part of Talomo District based on its location.

Housing subdivisions were sprouting in Barangay Baliok in the 90’s, so barangay officials lobbied for the opening of a school in their barangay.  Baliok Primary School was opened in 1992 and at present it is now a complete elementary school.  In 1994, San Lorenzo Elementary School was opened and located at the heart of San Lorenzo Subdivision catering for the pupils from Barangay Bago Gallera, Puan and Ulas.


In 2007, Davao City Special School which was once an independent school created by the Regional Office was included under the jurisdiction of Talomo District completing the 15 schools of the district.

Talomo District, though located in the First Congressional District in Davao and considered as an urbanized area, has 70 percent of its clientele belonging to the marginalized group of poor families.  All schools can be reached using public utility vehicles or private cars.

Some schools of the district like Davao City Special School (SPED), A. Mabini Elem. School, Leon Garcia Elem. School, Doña Soledad Dolor Elem. School and Talomo Central Elem. School, because of their locations  are often affected with flood which damages classroom facilities and furniture.

Talomo has one of the highest number of teaching items and pupil enrolments of the 20 districts of the Division of Davao City. The district is the home of hard working and achieving teachers backed up by 15 very supportive and enthusiastic school administrators and one district supervisor. Against the odds, the district has survived and is making a name in the Division of Davao City as the home for Division Trainers for both School Administrators and teachers.

The Talomo District is also bringing great honour to the division by sending participants to the national competitions for both academic and extra-curricular activities.

At present, Talomo District is fully implementing the DepEd Thrusts and Programs anchored on the Nine Critical Tasks of Education For All 2015.”​

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