Schools Learning Network

Coordinators: Trevor Tiller and Pat Maloney

​As globalisation has begun to connect and integrate countries all over the world through such means as communications technology, trade and commerce, migration, and the formation of regional and world governance organisations, so the concept of citizenship has changed. People are not only citizens in a nation-state, but also belong to an emerging global civil society. How do schools help students develop the skills to be global citizens? The AFFLIP schools network proposal offers one tangible way to assist students to experience global citizenship.


The portfolio involves establishing and supporting the twinning of 15 South Australian schools, (13 primary, 1 area and 1 preschool - year 12 college) with each of the schools in the Philippines. The details of the activities of the networked schools are determined by the twinned schools but typically involve communication between staff, students and members of each school community for the purposes of professional development, mutual learning, curriculum development, fundraising and support, visits by Filipino students and staff to South Australia, exchange of resources and so on.


Currently AFFLIP Coordinators are supporting 15 pairs of schools. They are:

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