Organisational Structure

The Structure

AFFLIP’s organisational structure comprises the following components::

  • The AFFLIP Board is the decision making body of AFFLIP.

  • The Technical Working Group (TWG) based in Davao City and currently comprising the Principals of the Talomo District schools and key personnel in the District, is the key advisory group to the AFFLIP Board.

  • There are two main AFFLIP portfolio groupings - AFFLIP Flagship programs; and Administration and Finance. Each AFFLIP Flagship Portfolio committee has a corresponding sub-committee of the TWG with which it relates about the details of its activities.

The process

Each year, the TWG conducts a rigorous needs identification with the schools in Mindanao and submits a proposed plan for the next 12 months which is based on an aggregation of the individual school requests, negotiated and costed. The AFFLIP Board then discusses the draft strategic plan with the TWG, makes any amendments and modifications, and adopts the plan which shapes the work of AFFLIP for the following year. The portfolio committees work to achieve the outcomes described in the strategic plan.

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