Leon A. Garcia Sr. Elementary School

Special programs


  1. School-based feeding program

  2. Essential health care program

  3. Gulayan sa paaralan

  4. GSP Magic Spot - a community program where the eye sore area is being turned into a productive one.  The troop (girls) in this school had the community gulayan of malunggay, gabi and fruit trees.

  5. Reading remediation

  6. Big Brother/Big Sister

  7. Drop everything and read (DEAR)

  8. Drum & Lyre club

  9. Ukelele club

  10. Guitar glee club

  11. Dance art club

  12. Yes-O club (science club)

  13. Supreme Pupil Government (SPG)

  14. Boyscouts of the Philippines and girl scouts of the Philippines

  15. School blog site

Principal:              Donna A. Sollano


Pupil population:        1069

Number of teachers:   26



  1. Through the Health and Nutrition Program, provided garden tools and equipment which are useful for the “gulayan sa paaralan” program, gsp community garden, maintenance in the cleanliness of school ground, and in school waste management system. The garden implements are also utilized in classroom instructions as part of the lessons in gardening for livelihhod subjects. The implements have contributed largely to the vegetable garden production which supplies nutritious vegetables to the school-based feeding program (SDFP) catering for 50 under-nourished puplis. The nutritional status of these recipients has improved significantly and has positively affected their attendance and academic performance.

  2. Extended educational assistance to 6 less fortunate pupils of Leon A. Garcia Sr. Elementary School through the AFFLP Scholarship Program.  Such grants have inspired the 6 scholars to be actively involved in their academic performance and in the school’s extra-curricular activities. One parent of the AFFLIP scholars renders a voluntary service as a canteen assistance in return of AFFLIP’s generosity.

  3. Sponsored the membership of 25 boy scouts and 25 girl scouts.

  4. Donated reading materials, literacy blocks and big books which paved the way to global linkages between our school and South Australian schools. The Schools Network Program  linked the pupils of Leon A. Garcia Sr. Elementary School to the pupils of Wynn Vale Primary School through exchanging of pupils’ outputs which are used by some teachers in their classroom instructions. Pupils enjoyed and learned from the materials. Parents also read the materials and learned from it.

  5. Made a way to have an active communication between teachers of Wynn Vale Primary School and teachers of Leon A. Garcia Elementary School by sharing email addresses. (soon to be implemented) - linked with the teachers of Wynn Vale through internet access (emails).

  6. Provided Professional Development to teachers through the literacy training conducted by Ms. Lyn Wilkinson and Dr. Jenny Barnett.

  7. Provided Leon A. Garcia sr. Elementary School medicines and medical equipment which are essential for the health of the pupils.


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