Health and Nutrition

Coordinator: Alastair Douglas

Health and nutrition are central to learning. The focus of this portfolio is the immediate needs of the many students who present at school as malnourished and the importance of learning about approaches to healthy living.

AFFLIP is pursuing the following programs:


  1. Providing gardening and aquaculture equipment to all schools to assist them in the growing of vegetables and fish to supplement their school feeding program;

  2. Developing students', teachers' (and parents') knowledge and skills in gardening and fish production; 

  3. Providing agricultural and aquacultural advice to all schools in the Talomo District as they work on their vegetable gardens, and as some develop aquaculture programs;

  4. Investigating the ways in which vegetable gardens and aquaculture programs can be used to teach mainstream subjects such as maths, science, humanities and the arts; and working with Talomo teachers to develop learning materials to enable this;

  5. Supplying basic medical equipment and first aid supplies to each school as resources allow.

Maitland Rotary Club funds 4 major Health and Nutrition projects


The Maitland Rotary Club donated $7,000 to the AFFLIP Health and Nutrition program to fund 4 major projects.


Click on the selection below to view a description of each.

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