Administration, Finance and Fundraising

Coordinator: Susan Boucher and Lyn Wilkinson

This portfolio includes maintenance of AFFLIP records; AFFLIP correspondence; agenda and minutes of Board meetings and AGM; Technical Working Group (TWG) communication; travel arrangements; oversight of the development of major AFFLIP documents such as the Annual Report; and responsibility for key administrative and governance documentation relating to legal requirements and the AFFLIP constitution.

Coordinator: John Erskine


This portfolio provides the important financial oversight of AFFLIP. It includes establishing and maintaining all financial records; banking; financial statements/reports to the Board; organising annual audits; and developing an annual financial report for the AGM.

Coordinator: Roger Saunders​


This portfolio involves communication with AFFLIP members, donors and the wider community. It includes constructing and sending out AFFLIP Newsletters; developing AFFLIP promotional materials; advertising AFFLIP events; and developing and maintaining the AFFLIP website.


​Liaison with the Filipino Community in Australia
Coordinator: Miriam Cocking​ and Mario Trinidad

This portfolio involves liaison with members of the Australian Filipino community, mainly but not exclusively in South Australia. The liaison occurs in a number of ways which include keeping the community informed about and promoting AFFLIP and its activities through newsletters; attending Filipino association meetings when requested; communicating as necessary with the Philippines Ambassador in Canberra and the Philippines consul general in South Australia; identifying members of the Filipino community who might have an interest in participating in AFFLIP programs and events; and using the knowledge and expertise of the Filipino community to advance AFFLIP work.


Advocacy and Publicity
Coordinator: Susan Boucher


This portfolio involves the promotion of and publicity about AFFLIP in Australia and the Philippines.




Event Management
Coordinator: Susan Boucher


This portfolio is a key fundraising group in AFFLIP. The events it organises make a major contribution to financing AFFLIP’s Flagship programs. Its activities include organising the major annual event, and planning and running other smaller scale fundraising activities such as film nights and social events. The Event Management Portfolio is largely supported by Board members' commitment to promotion of events and ticket sales.​​


Membership and Donations
Coordinator: Max Greenwood


This portfolio focuses on developing the membership and donor base of AFFLIP which are so central to its fundraising. It includes maintaining records of membership and donors; organizing and overseeing renewal of memberships; developing strategies to attract new members and donors; organizing and overseeing donations as an ongoing expectation; ensuring all members and donor efforts are recognized and appreciated; liaising effectively with the treasurer; and providing material for the AFFLIP newsletter.


​Grants, Sponsorships and Promotion
Coordinators: Tim Jackson

This portfolio involves identifying and accessing funding for specific projects by applying for grants and seeking sponsorship. This includes writing applications to philanthropic organisations, businesses, community groups and relevant government agencies (eg ADRAS – AusAid); and approaching key businesses and organisations to be AFFLIP sponsors.


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